Hobbiton Movie Set Tours

One, two and three day return tours from Auckland New Zealand
from $NZ 250.00 per person.

With the world-wide acclaim that the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has brought to New Zealand, overseas visitors can be forgiven for asking the question

"How do I get to Middle Earth?"

"Precious!" one might say, before explaining that Middle Earth exists only in the on-screen splendour of this famous move epic.

But Hobbiton, or rather the remains of the set of Hobbiton, are still there for all to see, and it's well worth a visit.

FreeWheelingNZ.com Tours in association with Green World Tours offers a choice of options that include this charming fictional village, nestled in the heart of the Waikato.

After your tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set come and learn about the sheep on the farm, see a sheep being shorn and bottle feed the lambs.

Just Hobbiton
    Departs 7:00 am
Returns 4:30 pm
Adult $NZ 260.00
Child $NZ 130.00
Hobbiton PLUS
    includes: Rotorua highlights
  and tour of Te Puia (Whakawerawera thermal valley)
Adult $NZ 312.00
Child $NZ 156.00
    Departs 7:00 am
Returns 8:00 pm
    includes: Te Puia,
  and Waitomo Glowworm cave
Adult $NZ 371.00
Child $NZ 185.50
    Departs 7:00 am
Returns 8:00 pm

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